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3 ways to increase brand awareness without paying for advertisements

How to increase your brand awareness
Increase Brand awareness

Brand awareness indicates how familiar your potential and current customers are with your business, its product, services, and value proposition. In other words, it can demonstrate how your marketing communication efforts are performing and how memorable and recognizable your message and brand assets are.

Generally speaking, brand awareness helps build trust in your business among your potential customers. Your marketing is what you tell your customer about your business, and your brand is what customer thinks about your business.

For achieving high brand awareness, reflecting your brand identity in your marketing strategy is crucial. Furthermore, a positive and high brand awareness makes it way easier for you to get more customers.

Before discussing how to increase brand awareness, It is essential you have a brand identity that you can use to increase your brand awareness.

Create a brand identity:

A brand identity tells your customer who you are, what your personality is, and what is the unique purpose of your existence.

Tell about your story, what pain problem of people you are solving or what is the nature of your existence? Coca-Cola doesn't solve any specific issue like staying hydrated in their messaging; rather, the communication revolves around sharing happiness.

Your brand assets and messages must be consistent across different platforms for a good brand identity. The website, logo, and social media should speak the same language. It will help if you also look into color psychology. Different color has a different meaning. If you are a furniture business, you could use brown to represent trustworthiness and to reflect wood or leather. However, various elements go into designing a brand identity, like color, font, graphic design, logo, and tone of voice, to mention a few.

Color Psychology
Color Psychology

After creating your brand's identity, let's look into three smart ways to increase your brand awareness without paying for advertisement.

1. Increase brand awareness through social media

There are 4.62 billion people in the world who use social media. The frequency and duration of social media usage across the population make it our number one choice when it comes to increasing brand awareness.

To do it right, research what social media your potential customers use and start building your presence on that social media channel. For example, it does not yield results if your efforts primarily focus on Facebook when most of your target audience is using and engaging TikTok as their social media platform of choice.

Regular posting of relevant content is key to increasing your brand awareness through social media. Suppose your potential customers are on Facebook or Instagram. In that case, you can share some visually rich graphics and great videos on topics that interest them. Take advantage of hashtags while posting on Instagram. Different features of the platform also provide a better outcome for specific communication goals. Here's an example of how to leverage reels on Instagram. Aside from Instagram, you can also tell about your story and value proposition and share backstage stories in the form of short-duration videos on TikTok and Youtube shorts.

Youtube is also a type of social media, but did you know that Youtube is the second largest search engine platform in the world. Using relevant keywords will help you reach out to your potential customers. Start sharing your stories and works on Youtube.

For Twitter, you can write threads around the relevant topic. And if you are a B2B company, leverage Linkedin with informational content pieces that help to solve your customer's problems (like this one).

2. Guest Posting:

By doing guest posting, you write for other companies' websites. You must be thinking about how writing for others could be helpful?

Guest posting helps get some traffic to your website from the website you are writing. It also establishes the writer as a thought leader on the topic. However, before writing for any other website, ensure the website is relevant to your business and allows linking back to your website.

As post topics, you can share your knowledge which solves the questions people are asking, or you can share some statistics about your industry. Some media publication even posts stories of businesses on their platform. Leverage such opportunities to share your story with the world.

Another way to do guest posting is HARO (Help a reporter out). News reporters are always looking out for stories to publish on their websites.

You can visit the HARO platform and find relevant topics for which reports want help. Share your article on the case with the reporter and politely ask for a backlink to your website.

3. Community Management in Forums:

A forum is where people communicate with each other and discuss their problems. It makes forum community management an excellent way to increase your brand awareness.

In forums like Quora and Reddit, you can find people asking questions about your market or even as far as your company's products or services. Providing a relevant answer more often can make you a top contributor in these forums, implying more people know about you. Start answering those questions on Quora.

For every five to six questions you reply to, add a link to your website in one of them. It will help you get traffic from these forums as well. Always remember that use links only when relevant; otherwise, a moderator might remove your answer altogether.

The great advantage of a forum is that there are many industries and niche-specific forums apart from Quora and Reddit. You can promote your brand in such forums by answering people's questions. It will help you build a community within forums.

Interesting Fact: Quora has 300 million monthly active users.

We hope this gave you some inspiration and encourage you to contact us at Big Guy Business Consulting if you have any questions, want to learn something in more detail, or want to share your experience.

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