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Ontario is leading the Canadian Startup dream.

Number of Startups in different province of Canada
Number of startups in different provinces of Canada

These statistics show the number of top startups in different provinces of Canada as of December 2022.

As of December 2022, Canada has around 38.5 million people living. Canada is home to well-educated and highly talented people who are a great source of the workforce.

The talented workforce makes Canada the favorite destination for founders to start their startups. And since most of the population lives in Ontario, it is becoming the center of the Canadian startup dream.

Ontario is considered one of the most diverse provinces in the world. More than half of the population comprises residents born outside of Canada.

This intersection of people and talent has made Toronto a preeminent place for startups to develop, prosper and grow. If you closely look at the list of fast-growing startups in Ontario, you will often find this diversity in management.

Successful Canadian startups like Slack, Shopify, FreshBooks, Tunnel Bear, Wattpad, and Influitive have already showcased their capabilities to the world. And Bigger companies like Alphabet (Google), Microsoft, and Amazon are setting up their infrastructure in Canada.

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