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The Best Targeting Option for Achieving Brand Awareness

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

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Brand awareness is a powerful tool businesses can utilize to strengthen their brand's reputation, attract potential customers, and retain current customers. Through brand awareness initiatives like targeted advertising campaigns, consistent brand messaging across different platforms, and special offers or promotions, businesses can effectively communicate their brand offerings and establish a positive image in the marketplace.

It helps to cultivate brand loyalty and provides businesses with valuable insight into how successful their marketing efforts are. Therefore businesses should strive to continually build brand awareness to grow and compete in the market successfully.

Starting a new brand is an exciting endeavor, and paid advertisement is one of the best ways to raise awareness of it quickly. However, when running paid ads for brand awareness, it's important that you get your targeting right. Without the right audience in mind, not only will your paid advertising efforts go in vain, but you also run the risk of losing money.

This article will guide you on which targeting option is best for achieving brand awareness. Understanding this will help ensure that your efforts are successful and you receive an increase in engagement with your brand among potential customers.

1. Brand awareness using Google ads

Google Ads offers a range of ways to help promote brand awareness. Google search ads, display ads, and shopping ads are all excellent solutions for increasing visibility and building an audience.

Additionally, Google provides affinity targeting as one of the best approaches for creating a successful brand awareness campaign within Google Ads. With affinity targeting, businesses can reach an audience that is more likely to be aware of their brand and prove to be more valuable long-term customers.

Affinity targeting is a powerful tool for increasing brand awareness as it allows you to reach people based on their lifestyles, interests, and passions. This can be targeted very accurately if your target persona template already provides all the information required. Once this data is inputted into affinity targeting, the brand awareness campaign can begin with the confidence that it will reach those within its intended audience.

Custom affinity audience targeting

With affinity targeting, you can also opt to run ads on specific websites or apps by providing their details, allowing you only to focus your resources on relevant platforms. As a bonus, affinity audiences enable you to steal competitors' audiences by entering their URLs and brand keywords. Consequently, Google will start displaying ads to your competitor's audience and potential clients similar to them.

Custom affinity audience competitor

The advantage of Google affinity targeting is that you can reach out to relevant and new audiences. It helps drive conversion and is cost-effective.

2. Brand awareness using Facebook ads

Running brand awareness campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram has come to be seen as a no-brainer in the modern digital marketing landscape. Both platforms offer powerful tools, with Facebook boasting an astounding 2.9 billion active users and Instagram having 1.3 billion monthly active users as of October 2022.

It could not be easier to tap into this huge potential, with Instagram and Facebook ads being able to be managed from the same platform. Inside the ad manager, you must select from a range of campaign objectives, with brand awareness best suited for the “Awareness” objective. Utilizing these two popular social media platforms for brand awareness campaigns provides invaluable opportunities for businesses to amplify their reach and drive more brand exposure by engaging potential customers.

Facebook campaign objective

Reaching your brand’s target market through Facebook can be achieved with the right combination of Interest and behavior targeting. Depending on your business, you can choose either option that best suits your goals.

Facebook interest and behavior targeting

For instance, if you are a travel brand, you can select frequent travelers from behavioral targeting to reach active people in the travel industry. On the other hand, if you are a fitness brand, you can opt for Interest targeting to include those interested in fitness or wellness.

As an added advantage, interest targeting allows narrowing down your audience by selecting those having higher spending potential, such as iPhone users, from behavioral targeting. This powerful combination of Interest and behavior targeting is one of the best ways to achieve brand awareness through Facebook marketing.

3. Brand awareness using LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn ads are the ideal choice for business-to-business brands looking to increase their awareness. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network, with over 900 million members in over 200 countries around the globe, making it an effective platform to reach potential customers.

LinkedIn ads are set up similarly to those found on Facebook, providing the opportunity for awareness, consideration, and conversion – all you need to select is brand awareness as your desired outcome. LinkedIn provides a professional atmosphere and offers an excellent opportunity for raising your brand's visibility.

Linkedin ad objective

Audience attribute targeting is a highly effective targeting option for maximizing brand awareness through LinkedIn. With this tool, businesses can customize their targeting based on the demographics, education, job experience, and interests of their desired audience.

Linkedin ad targeting

This option provides companies with greater control over who they’re targeting as well as a way to refine further targeting preferences so that their ads are delivered to an even more targeted audience.

In today’s competitive market, robust targeting options such as audience attribute targeting can be the key difference in standing out amongst competitors and connecting with customers.

Which targeting option is best for achieving brand awareness?

Brand awareness campaigns are a great way to increase visibility for your business and reach potential customers. Wondering which targeting option is best for achieving brand awareness? We've got the answers right here!

  • Google Ads: Affinity Targeting stands out as the ultimate choice. It's tailored to craft successful brand awareness campaigns by reaching people who are interested in what you offer.

  • Facebook Ads: The Awareness Objective is your go-to targeting option. Designed specifically for brand awareness, it helps you make an impactful presence across Facebook and Instagram Ads.

  • LinkedIn Ads: Audience Attribute Targeting is your key to brand awareness success. This powerful tool focuses on specific audience characteristics, ensuring your message reaches the right professionals and amplifies your brand on LinkedIn.

If you have any questions about how to get started with brand awareness campaigns, we encourage you to contact us at Big Guy Business Consulting. We are happy to answer any of your questions.

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