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Business Marketing Strategy Consulting

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Does your current Marketing Strategy need a revamp? Or are you just getting started and need advice on running marketing? We are here to carry you along the way and work with you so that your marketing efforts will pay off.

What you will receive


Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy

Receive an entire strategy using frameworks developed by a top-tier US University and applied knowledge born out of years of working with Fortune 500 Businesses.


Brand Analysis

Understand how your brand is perceived after having a thorough audit of your marketing levers conducted by our specialist researchers and consultants.



Get an overview of your current customer segments, best customers as well as potential new customers. We provide you with the personas, their journeys, and how to target them effectively and efficiently.


Journey Mapping

Learn about the path to purchase of your current and best customers. Identify opportunities to even further engage with your customers along their journey.


Marketing Communication Plan

Have a detailed full year's Marketing Communication Plan and quarterly campaigns for your marketing channels developed and aligned with the created strategy for your company and brand.


Competitor Analysis

This is not about bashing competitors but rather about knowing what the competition is up to and see how you can deliver even better value to your customers. The results and your customer's loyalty will speak for itself.


Brand Positioning

Explore the ideal positioning for your brand to maximize your customer relationships.


Customer Targeting

Learn about best ways to engage with your customers so that your marketing and communication efforts will have a personalized approach that will resonate with your target segments.


Customer Experience Optimization

Customer Experience is a crucial key differentiator for brands and their products. We show you how to deliver the best one for your customers.


One Month Marketing Execution Support

This is a game-changer. Take advantage of the full support for your marketing efforts by our marketing specialists. That way, we make sure that your new strategy hits the ground running.

“Fabian is a true mastermind when it comes to business strategies and marketing.”

Patrick Zeller 
Patrick Zeller Photography

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